Pi Day 2024

March 14 - Share it with a Sister

Save the date! Alpha Delta Pi invites you to celebrate March 14, 2024 (aka Pi Day), with a sister, for the second annual Alpha Delta Pi Day.

What is Alpha Delta Pi Day? Why March 14?


This initiative aims to have members celebrating Alpha Delta Pi sisterhood across the globe. The goal is simple: plan a fun and easy way to connect with one or more of our 225,000 alumnae/Pi sisters. The mathematical symbol for Pi (3.141592...) represents a number that continues infinitely, just like our bonds of sisterhood.

March 14th is perfect occasion to connect with sisters near and far and celebrate the sisterhood that connects Alpha Delta Pis. By coming together on the same day, we can show just how far our bond reaches – across chapter of initiation, distance, generations and more.

Count me in! What’s next?

  • Contact sisters you want to connect with and plan for a get-together on Thursday, March 14.
  • Find an activity that works best for you. Need suggestions? Check out the event ideas below.
  • If you are hosting on behalf of an alumnae association or planning to gather with alumnae from your specific collegiate chapter, add the event to the Pride Online Calendar.
  • Click here to submit your event to be included in the Pi Day Event List.
  • Have the best time connecting and reconnecting with sisters!

Event Ideas

Don’t know how you’d like to celebrate Pi Day? Use this list to start planning!

  • Make dinner reservations or host a dinner party
  • Meet for coffee or cocktails
  • Volunteer at RMHC or another local non-profit organization
  • Have a playdate with ADPi moms and children
  • Host a wine tasting with Four Points Napa Valley wines
  • Call/Text/Write a sister
  • Tour a local museum
  • Participate in a group fitness class
  • Learn a new skill – painting, candle making, cooking, etc.
  • Walk in the park or hike in your area
  • Cheer on a local sports team
  • Schedule selfcare with mani/pedi
  • Use Zoom to host a virtual happy hour or game night

Share on Social Media

No matter how you share on social media, make sure to download our design templates and help us spread the word!

  • Download our Instagram/Facebook Stories Invitation Here!
  • Download our Facebook Event Header Here!
  • Download our Save the Date Image Here!
  • Download our official Pi Day Logo Here!
  • Use the hashtags #ADPiDay and #ShareitwithaSister





Not on social media? Share your photos with us by emailing photos@alphadeltapi.com

Event Name: Coffee with Pis
Date & Time: March 9, 2024 – 9:00 AM
Event Description:

Join the Middle Tennessee Alumnae Association at Cabin Coffee to celebrate the upcoming Pi Day! No business will be conducted – just a time for sisterhood.

Event Affiliated with a(n): Alumnae Association
Contact Person: Angel Harmon

Event Name: Pi Day with Detroit North
Date & Time: March 14, 2024 – 6:30 PM
Event Description:

Celebrate Pi Day with your Pi sisters and pizza pie!!

Join us for dinner at Alibi of Troy.

RSVP on Facebook https://fb.me/e/1LOsvIGW8

Event Affiliated with a(n): Alumnae Association
Contact Person: Amanda Rymiszewski