Wesleyan Society

The Wesleyan Society was established to provide annual, ongoing operational funding for the Foundation. The mission of the Wesleyan Society is to provide ongoing leadership support to the Foundation’s annual fundraising efforts, programs, and special initiatives. Gifts received from Wesleyan Society members allow the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation to use our combined resources wherever the need is greatest.

Membership in the Wesleyan Society is open to sisters and friends of Alpha Delta Pi who commit to give $1,851 or more annually in unrestricted support. Many members of the Wesleyan Society opt to fulfill their pledge with monthly gifts of $154.25 through our Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) program. Make your commitment to join the Wesleyan Society by submitting your enrollment form or by setting up your monthly, quarterly, or recurring annual gift on our recurring gifts page.

Wesleyan Society Giving Levels

Clasped Hands Level: $10,000 or more
Friendship Level: $5,000 to $9,999
$2,051 Level: 
$2,051 to $4,999
$1,851 Level:
 $1,851 to $2,050

  • Linda Phillips Allen, Kappa—Samford University
  • Jennifer Brown Arends, Beta Sigma—Mercer University
  • Amber Schoming Biviano, Zeta Phi—Francis Marion University
  • Wendy Holman Brandon, Delta Upsilon—University of Tennessee, Martin
  • Rosemary House Brevard, Delta—University of Texas, Austin
  • Susan Wiedmier Bridges, Alpha Gamma—University of Missouri, Columbia
  • Shirley Pih Broadbery, Alpha Kappa—University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • Charla Szabo Bruce, Pi—Iowa State University
  • Stacy DeMartini Bruton, Delta Sigma—University of Mississippi
  • Fran Steward Bryan, Beta Beta—University of Tennessee, Chattanooga
  • Kathryn Karrh Cashin, Iota—Florida State University
  • Deborah Roeber Castellone, Gamma Tau—University of Vermont
  • Nicole Taglianetti Chambers, Eta Omicron—Western Connecticut State University
  • Sue Hargrove Chaney, Gamma Zeta—University of Oklahoma
  • Anne Charnock, Alpha Upsilon—West Virginia University
  • Dana Clary, Zeta Omega—University of Central Florida
  • Jana Andriano Clayton, Zeta Pi—University of San Diego/Delta Gamma—University of Arizona
  • Amalia Cochran, Zeta Lambda—Texas A & M University
  • Lindsay Cullum Colwell, Zeta Rho—Vanderbilt University
  • Terry Medley Curtis, Gamma Rho—Arizona State University
  • Stephanie Bauer Daniel, Gamma Phi—East Tennessee State University
  • Sandy McDonald Davis, Xi—Ohio University
  • Sarah Davis-Candeto, Epsilon Psi—Tennessee Technological University
  • Frances Durdan DeBlasio, Eta—University of Alabama
  • Linda Hill Dreyer, Gamma Nu—William Jewell College
  • Melissa Case Dupee, Epsilon Xi—Northern Arizona University
  • Betty Mayland Ellis, Alpha Psi—University of Southern California
  • Emily Erkel, Zeta Chi—Baylor University
  • Pat Johnson Evans, Beta Omega—Auburn University
  • Melissa Gibson Felts, Alpha Xi—The Ohio State University
  • Elisse Jones Freeman, Alpha Zeta—Southern Methodist University
  • Sarah Dibrell Gallaher, Gamma Chi—Texas Christian University
  • Tracy Garner, Zeta Omicron—Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Rebecca Gentry, Eta Upsilon—Wake Forest University
  • Debbie Tilson Gill, Gamma Phi—East Tennessee State University
  • Sara Reed Goodwin, Alpha Iota—University of Pittsburgh
  • Claire Brown Gwaltney, Beta Omega—Auburn University
  • Susan Ballenberger Hibler, Gamma Rho—Arizona State University
  • Sheila Kane Higgins, Gamma Lambda—University of Rhode Island
  • Karen Johnson Hill, Epsilon Zeta—Texas State University
  • Laura Hoffman, Eta Pi—VA Polytechnic Institute & State University
  • Jacquelyn Hontalas, Zeta Pi—University of San Diego
  • Renee Bailey Iacona, Delta Upsilon—University of Tennessee, Martin
  • Sydnee Jack, Alpha Omicron—Oklahoma State University
  • Jackie Jones, Zeta Pi—University of San Diego
  • Peggy Bort Jones, Alpha Zeta—Southern Methodist University
  • Vesta Owens Jones, Beta Nu—University of Georgia
  • Karen Fortenbach Josal, Alpha Zeta—Southern Methodist University
  • Connie Howard Kearney, Alpha Omega—Oregon State University
  • Kathy Dillard Kennedy, Epsilon Eta—Mississippi State University
  • Barbara Kinter Kunkel, Delta Kappa—Pennsylvania State University
  • Margaret Bauer Lampton, Epsilon—Sophie Newcomb College
  • Joan Safarik LeBarron, Alpha Lambda—University of Oregon
  • Ann Howard Lemon, Alpha Zeta—Southern Methodist University
  • Laura Letson, Beta Psi—University of Kentucky
  • Jan Alexander Maisch, Epsilon Omega—Jacksonville University
  • Beth Gentry Mannle, Beta Beta—University of Tennessee, Chattanooga
  • Marsha Mason, Eta—University of Alabama
  • Susan Swicord Mathews, Epsilon Pi—Georgia Southern University
  • Colleen Hellman Michel, Beta Phi—University of Maryland
  • Colette Morgan Murray, Psi—University of California, Berkeley
  • Charlene Nigaglioni-Gang, Delta Alpha—Emory University
  • Linda Yarnell O’Brian, Chi—Wittenberg University
  • Patty Purish O’Neill, Zeta Omega—University of Central Florida
  • Kelly Wiggins Pelletier, Zeta Omega—University of Central Florida
  • Ila Hiserman Pilon, Gamma Kappa—West Virginia Wesleyan University
  • Tammie Pinkston, Zeta Nu—Clemson University/Gamma Phi—East Tennessee State University
  • Anne Veale Pogson, Alpha Zeta—Southern Methodist University
  • Patricia Green Pratt, Alpha Kappa—University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • Donna Woolf Qualls, Beta Nu—University of Georgia
  • Judie Hain Reemsnyder, Gamma Kappa—West Virginia Wesleyan College
  • Charla McGuire Reeves, Epsilon Delta—Western Kentucky University
  • Tippy Bretz Roberts, Gamma Iota—University of Florida
  • Jackie Caricofe Robinson, Delta Theta—Valdosta State University
  • Sandy Dodson Roland, Gamma Upsilon—University of North Texas
  • Jane Siling, Epsilon Lambda—University of South Florida
  • Michele Silva, Zeta Alpha—California State University, Fullerton
  • Mary Baird Simpson, Delta Upsilon—University of Tennessee, Martin
  • Amanda Sloan, Alpha Beta—University of Iowa
  • Miriam Morrow Smith, Epsilon Pi—Georgia Southern University
  • Torrey Newcomb Smith, Zeta Psi—University of North Carolina, Greensboro
  • Elaine Wyett Stoltz, Alpha Gamma—University of Missouri, Columbia
  • Jude McPherson Swanson, Gamma Omega—Michigan State University
  • Bettie McHaney Talbert, Alpha Gamma—University of Missouri, Columbia
  • Jessica White Tom, Eta Zeta—The University of Southern Mississippi
  • Cathy Sutton Tonnacliff, Gamma Tau—University of Vermont
  • Barbara Bird Turner, Zeta Rho—Vanderbilt University
  • Dawn Victor-Herring, Zeta Eta—University of North Alabama
  • Cindy Voris, Zeta Alpha—California State University, Fullerton
  • Jennifer Polley Webb, Epsilon Nu—Ashland University
  • Kay Dyche Weed, Delta—University of Texas, Austin
  • Barbie Whitehead, Rho—Boston University
  • Rosalyn Doze Williams, Alpha Alpha—University of Colorado
  • Rebecca Story Wilson, Beta Upsilon—University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
  • Elizabeth Lewis Wright, Gamma Phi—East Tennessee State University
  • Karen Young Wright, Delta Upsilon—University of Tennessee, Martin
  • Bonnie Yamaoka, Alpha Psi—University of Southern California
  • Ann White Young, Tau—University of Kansas
  • Pam Zimmerman, Epsilon Tau—Middle Tennessee State University