Summit Society

Planned Giving Society

Summit Society

The Summit Society is reserved for sisters and friends who have designated the Foundation as the recipient of a planned gift such as a bequest, life insurance policy, or charitable gift annuity. As you make plans for the future, please consider including the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation.

Whether you choose to establish an endowment for leadership or educational programming, create a scholarship, or simply make an unrestricted gift in support of the immediate needs of the organization, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that your legacy will make a difference in the lives of sisters for generations to come. The commitment made by Summit Society members ensures the future success of Alpha Delta Pi.

As you consider a planned giving opportunity through your estate or with a gift that provides lifetime income such as charitable gift annuities or trusts, please visit http://www.adpifoundationlegacy.org or contact the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation at (404) 378-3164 or foundation@alphadeltapi.com for guidance.

Every effort has been made to accurately compile the list of Summit Society Members. If your name is not listed correctly, or if you have questions concerning your membership in the Summit Society, please contact Jennifer Polley Webb, Foundation Executive Director, at jwebb@alphadeltapi.com or (404) 378-3164.

  • Linda Welch Ablard, Alpha Omicron—Oklahoma State University
  • Erin Alfaro, Zeta Gamma—University of North Carolina, Charlotte
  • Leslie Ames, Epsilon Xi—Northern Arizona University
  • Lois Wilhelm Appleby, Gamma Iota—University of Florida
  • Donna Ashwell, Alpha Upsilon—West Virginia University
  • Dorothy Baker
  • Lawrence Baker
  • Daisy Beach, Alpha Theta—University of Washington
  • Joan Sawyer Beil, Gamma Zeta—University of Oklahoma
  • Margo Bowles, Alpha Omicron—Oklahoma State University
  • Karin Brown, Eta Beta—Allegheny College
  • Charla Szabo Bruce, Pi—Iowa State University
  • Joni Knight Burke, Epsilon Tau—Middle Tennessee State University
  • Kelly Burke
  • Jo Ellen Karr Campbell, Sigma—University of Illinois
  • Maureen Calloway Carnevale, Alpha Zeta—Southern Methodist University
  • Tammy Cauthorne-Burnette, Zeta Xi—University of Virginia
  • Bill Cauthorne-Burnette
  • Rebecca Pelot Cherry, Epsilon Psi—Tennessee Technological University
  • Dana Clary, Zeta Omega—University of Central Florida
  • Karen Giesler Condie, Alpha Gamma—University of Missouri, Columbia
  • Kristi Baer Cooper, Alpha Gamma—University of Missouri, Columbia
  • Sarah Davis-Candeto, Epsilon Psi—Tennessee Technological University
  • Rose Delarme, Beta Alpha—Indiana University
  • Bonnie Ellingwood Dern, Epsilon Xi—Northern Arizona University
  • Chris Stecher Dickey, Gamma Epsilon—Purdue University
  • Alicia Edwards, Epsilon Pi—Georgia Southern University
  • Emily Erkel, Zeta Chi—Baylor University
  • Tracy Garner, Zeta Omicron—Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Carole Marlowe Gilbert, Gamma Theta—University of Mt. Union
  • Maryann Friend Gillespie, Alpha Kappa—University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • Susie Hadley Hamlin, Upsilon—Washington State University
  • Tiana Hayslip, Epsilon Epsilon—Texas Tech University
  • Carolyn Key Hazen, Gamma Sigma—Bowling Green State University
  • Herb Hazen
  • Gail Hitchcock, Gamma Alpha—University of Connecticut
  • Margaret Hodges, Delta—University of Texas, Austin
  • Spencer Hudec, Gamma Upsilon—University of North Texas
  • Jerri McGraw Hurst, Delta Eta—McNeese State University
  • Marthanelle Chastain Jones, Gamma Zeta—University of Oklahoma
  • Glenda Johnson Kemple, Alpha Gamma—University of Missouri, Columbia
  • Karla Hogue Kurtanich, Alpha Psi—University of Southern California
  • Jan Foltz Larson, Alpha Eta—Kansas State University
  • Dianne Liston Letson, Alpha Alpha—University of Colorado
  • Laurie Ferris Lindsay, Zeta Xi—University of Virginia
  • William Ludwig
  • Daniel Madio
  • Jane Fiedler Madio, Gamma Omicron—Susquehanna University
  • Mary Magnusson, Alpha Gamma—University of Missouri, Columbia
  • Amy Woodward Malysz, Alpha Chi—University of California, Los Angeles
  • Beth Gentry Mannle, Beta Beta—University of Tennessee, Chattanooga
  • Lil McKinnon-Hicks, Delta Sigma—University of Mississippi
  • Margaret Blacker Middleton, Epsilon Pi—Georgia Southern University
  • Betty Miller, Alpha Upsilon—West Virginia University
  • Mary June Parham Moore-Richards, Lambda—Brenau University
  • Ann Moser, Beta Alpha—Indiana University
  • Colette Morgan Murray, Psi—University of California, Berkeley
  • Judy Romer Nutter, Gamma Chi—Texas Christian University
  • Charlene Fronkier Onstot, Alpha Omicron—Oklahoma State University
  • Patricia Palmer
  • Blake Newitt Partridge, Zeta Sigma—College of Charleston
  • Tammie Pinkston, Zeta Nu—Clemson University/Gamma Phi—East Tennessee State University
  • Anne Veale Pogson, Alpha Zeta—Southern Methodist University
  • Karen Lunn Rakitt, Gamma Gamma—Florida Southern College
  • Marcia Catena Richardson, Iota—Florida State University
  • Cindy Ross, Beta Eta—University of Michigan
  • Lavonne Gregg Seifert, Tau—University of Kansas
  • Jennifer Walker Simons, Alpha Theta—University of Washington
  • Kay Weidenmaier Smith, Alpha Omicron—Oklahoma State University
  • Margaret Smith, Beta Phi—University of Maryland
  • Lois A. Snedden, Delta Gamma—University of Arizona
  • Jean Arnold Staerker, Beta Beta—University of Tennessee, Chattanooga
  • Ginny Rosenberg Stafford, Alpha Beta—University of Iowa
  • Martha Steele, Alpha Zeta—Southern Methodist University
  • Melanie-Prejean Sullivan, Delta Eta—McNeese State University
  • Deborah De Mand Sweet, Alpha Eta—Kansas State University
  • Charlotte Taylor, Delta Delta—University of Arkansas
  • Elizabeth Frazier Tobin, Beta Iota—Queens University of Charlotte
  • Chloe Knight Tonney, Zeta Sigma—College of Charleston
  • Rick Tonney
  • Dawn Victor-Herring, Zeta Eta—University of North Alabama
  • Kay Dyche Weed, Delta—University of Texas, Austin
  • Mariann Hale Williams, Beta Eta—University of Michigan
  • Rosalyn Doze Williams, Alpha Alpha—University of Colorado
  • Jan Hancock Wooldridge, Alpha Zeta—Southern Methodist University
  • Robin Cichowski Zielin, Gamma Epsilon—Purdue University
  • Pam Zimmerman, Epsilon Tau—Middle Tennessee State University
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