Strategic Plan

Alpha Delta Pi
2015-2017 Strategic Plan
Alpha Delta Pi is a way of life.
Established in 1851, Alpha Delta Pi is committed to sisterhood, values and ethics, high academic standards and social responsibility.

Optimize the member experience at every stage of membership to promote Alpha Delta Pi as a way of life and enable heightened success for each chapter to provide the foundation for a meaningful member experience.


Commitment and Engagement

  • Measure successes of Alpha Education program based on Alpha member feedback and Alpha retention rate.
  • Redesign and implement comprehensive Delta member experience programming.
  • Educate alumnae sisters concerning the broad spectrum of ways to engage in Alpha Delta Pi.

Leadership and Trend Recognition

  • Provide leadership training and resources for collegians and alumnae members.
  • Engage with National Panhellenic Conference peers and college and university personnel to understand campus and Greek trends.
  • Heighten our presence within the National Panhellenic Conference and Greek and higher education conferences through leadership positions and presentations at conferences.

Chapter Success

  • Develop and implement professional recruitment and marketing systems and tools.
  • Develop and implement a targeted retention plan for chapters with membership cancellation rates exceeding 10%.
  • Recruit and retain chapter officers by developing succession planning initiatives and skill-based office recommendations.
  • Develop and implement an enhanced Officer Transition Workshop.

Maximize the development and allocation of human and financial resources to ensure long term success and stability.


Cash Flow

  • Develop balance sheet strategic plan to ensure ability to maximize investment opportunities in housing, member support and chapter growth.
  • Increase awareness of Greek Licensed vendors to produce additional royalties and to protect our trademarks.

Partnership with Alpha Delta Pi Foundation

  • Develop 2 year projection for desired educational program funding.
  • Promote establishment of academic scholarship for each chapter.


  • Design volunteer roles to focus on worthwhile work designed to promote success.
  • Implement a sustainable subject matter expert resource program.


  • Evaluate and redesign processes impacting members to fully utilize Pi Portal functionality.
  • Design and deploy member campaign to capture professional skills and volunteer interest from alumnae in each member’s account in the database.
  • Develop online Potential Member Profile Form and Legacy Introduction form with electronic delivery to chapter.


  • Develop an archive on the website of programming and workshops which will be available to all members.
  • Increase followers on social media by producing meaningful and educational campaigns.
  • Create communication plan where announcements, memoranda, bulletins, and publications are disseminated through Executive Office and accessed on our website.
  • Develop communication templates for chapters, alumnae associations, house corporations, advisors, and International Officers.
Alpha Delta Pi