Alpha Delta Pi’s Board of Directors is called Grand Council and is comprised of alumnae who are elected by the voting delegates at Grand Convention. Grand Council members are elected for two-year terms and serve as the governing body of the Sorority between Grand Conventions.


International President
Emily Erkel
Zeta Chi – Baylor University

International Vice President
Dawn Victor-Herring
Zeta Eta – University of North Alabama

International Vice President
Jacquelyn Hontalas
Zeta Pi – University of San Diego

International Vice President
Jennifer Brown Arends
Beta Sigma – Mercer University

International Vice President
Mandy Holland Savage
Beta Beta – University of Tennessee Chattanooga

International Vice President
Melinda Jordan Hall
Zeta Lambda – Texas A&M University

International Vice President
Sarah Davis-Candeto
Epsilon Psi – Tennessee Tech

Executive Director
Amanda Sloan
Alpha Beta – University of Iowa

Our Vision: Alpha Delta Pi is a way of life.

Our Mission: Established in 1851, Alpha Delta Pi is committed to sisterhood, values and ethics, high academic standards and social responsibility.

Our Initiatives:

  • Create a consistent understanding of Alpha Delta Pi’s identity that reflects our members’ experience and is demonstrated through our words, images, and actions.
  • Provide a relevant experience at all stages of membership with life skills linked to Alpha Delta Pi.


Created 2019