Alpha Delta Pi Week of Service

Week of Service | October 24-October 31, 2020

Alpha Delta Pi’s second Week of Service is Oct 24th through Oct 31st! In celebration of our 41st anniversary partnership with Ronald McDonald House Charities, we are asking alumnae to choose one day throughout this week to give back. Whether you give to RMHC or volunteer for another organization within your community, we are asking all alumnae to participate! Alumnae, associations, and collegians are all invited to join. How will you give back?

#ADPiWeekofService #ADPilovesRMHC

What kind of activities should we plan for week of service?

Anything! Volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House, providing meals, activity or goodie bags, Host a shower for RMH, volunteer at the local food bank, clean a park/beach, check your community for opportunities

Who is included?

All ADPis, members of your association, local ADPis, collegiate chapter members, partners, children, parents, and non-ADPi friends!

Are there any restrictions?

Be sure to register your event with the charity and request their guidelines. Some organizations require advance notice of attendees or may not want children in attendance. Check if your event needs to be registered with the community.

What do we wear?

ADPi shirts, hats, buttons, ETC.!!! Need a new shirt? Check out The 1851 Shop. Please remember, you are representing Alpha Delta Pi and your local community

Why register our event?

We want all ADPis to have the opportunity to participate, including sisters who may be visiting your area.  This will help from overlapping events and increase the number of sisters who can participate. Afterwards, the registered host will receive a survey to collect information about your event.

Where should we post our photos?

On your social media channels, but make sure to use the hashtags #ADPiWeekofService #ADPilovesRMHC. You can also email high quality photos to photos@alphadeltapi.com.

What do we do after the event?

Let us know how it went and share the fun. Note your attendance and hours, we will share the results of the day with everyone! Be on the lookout for a survey as well!


  • Volunteer at local Ronald McDonald House
  • Make meal for the families, host a shower for the needs of the house, make cookies, create Halloween treat bags or activity bags, offer clean-up services for the house, create a family welcome basket with hygeiene products, donate books, etc.
  • Volunteer at a food bank
  • Park/beach clean-Up
  • Contact VolunteerMatch
  • Participate in local charity walk/race


For associations without a local Ronald McDonald House, sponsor a hot meal delivery, host a fund-raiser, collect pop-tabs, consider an online donation or an Amazon wish list. Also, consider making donations for local events, i.e. zoo, park, movie- a nice break for families.


  • Plan a day with your local association and register the day on the ADPi website.
  • The individual who registers the event is considered the host. This should be the designated point-person responsible for details, questions, and organizing a committee.
  • Invite local ADPis who may not be part of your association.
  • Invite local collegiate chapter(s).
  • Include family members – husbands, children, parents, etc.
  • Verify if your event needs to be registered with the community.
  • Wear ADPi letters!
  • Take lots of photos and use the hashtags #ADPiWeekofService #ADPilovesRMHC.