Annual Panhellenic Report

Annual Panhellenic Report
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This Report is to be completed by the Panhellenic Delegate by November 15.

In addition to submitting this Report, the following documents need to be uploaded to Pi Portal by November 15:

  • Current Panhellenic Bylaws
  • Current Recruitment Rules and Code of Ethics
  • Current Panhellenic Budget
  • Any other required policies or accreditation procedures for Greek organizations on your campus
  • For instructions on uploading these documents to Pi Portal, review this section of Pride Online.

Once submitted, the Annual Panhellenic Report will be sent to your Panhellenic Relations Director, Collegiate Province Director, Recruitment and Marketing Director, Chapter Advisor, Recruitment & Marketing Advisor, Chapter President, and Executive Vice President.

Keep a copy for your files and print a completed copy for your officer notebook. This Report can be accessed via Pi Portal -> Panhellenic tab -> Reports -> Annual Panhellenic Reports.

There are 7 sections of this Report, as listed below. Feel free to start working on this Report throughout the year. And please utilize the “Save Draft” buttons on each page so that you do not lose your work.

  1. Campus Panhellenic Information
  2. Chapter/Panhellenic Leadership
  3. Panhellenic Relations
  4. Faculty Interactions
  5. Chapter/Panhellenic/Campus Coordination
  6. Award Status
  7. Outreach

For questions about this Report, please reach out to your Panhellenic Relations Director.