To Study Abroad…

November 19th, 2018 / alphadeltapiblog / 0 comments

by Kathleen Nicholson, Zeta Beta – North Carolina State University To travel to Italy is not merely to enjoy gourmet meals, see beautiful sights, and soak up the Tuscan sun.

5 Lessons Learned as an LC

October 22nd, 2018 / alphadeltapiblog /

by Ali Winkeler, Theta Omicron – James Madison University As a Leadership Consultant, I’m constantly on the move running from officer meetings, chapter events, switching states and time zones, so

Picking Costumes, Not Cultures

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by Abby McCollom, Alpha Omicron – Oklahoma State University and Cristina Perez, Zeta Alpha – California State University, Fullerton It’s the time of year when the leaves are turning, pumpkins

So, You Want to be a Mentor?

October 17th, 2018 / alphadeltapiblog / 0 comments

by Pat Evans, Beta Omega – Auburn University A mentor—what’s that? And how do I become one? The word “mentor” is defined as someone who is an experienced and trusted

So, I Decided to Become an Advisor…

October 9th, 2018 / alphadeltapiblog / 0 comments

by Christi Due Doyle, Eta Epsilon – Miami University I’m almost an empty nester (my youngest is a senior in college and applying to medical school, does that count?). I

I Found My Purpose in ADPi

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by Lauren Stimmell Flores, Zeta Epsilon – University of West Florida My name is Lauren Stimmell Flores, and I came home to Alpha Delta Pi at Zeta Epsilon chapter at

Lessons from the Roof of Africa

October 9th, 2018 / alphadeltapiblog / 1 comment

by Renee Onstot Clark, Gamma Chi – Texas Christian University and Housing Resource Director, DV “Jambo,” came a voice outside of our tent.  It was now 10 pm on August

My Top 10 Favorite Things About Being a Consultant

October 8th, 2018 / alphadeltapiblog /

by Savannah Moore, Gamma Mu – Missouri State University and 2018-2019 Leadership Consultant While traveling from university to university, I often get asked the question, “Why did you apply to

Initiation Reflection

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by Jennifer Siler, Epsilon Tau – Middle Tennessee State University, International Vice President of Communications Recently, I attended a chapter retreat and had the opportunity to observe the Alpha members enjoying

LSU ADPi Surpasses Fundraising Goal with #FlyHighMax Basketball Tournament

October 2nd, 2018 / alphadeltapiblog /

by Hannah Tonry, Omega – Louisiana State University Chapter President Hi, everyone! My name is Hannah Tonry, and I am the Chapter President of Omega (LSU). As you probably know,

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