Adelphean Compass Summed Up in 8 Gifs

January 9th, 2018
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Last weekend presidents from our 161 chapters traveled to Dallas for Adelphean Compass, one of Alpha Delta Pi’s signature leadership programs. Pi President Sydney Swanson put together this list that perfectly sums up the feelings and takeaways each attendee experienced!

Getting Starstruck


It is easy to get a little star struck when you are surrounded by some of the strongest Alpha Delta Pi women in our organization! Meeting the “Beyonces” of ADPi (I see you Grand Council!) is definitely a highlight from the weekend. The Adelphean Compass delivery team is filled with trailblazing women who have each impacted me in ways they will never know. I am so grateful to be in a sisterhood that supports and empowers women leaders.

Meeting New Sisters

Meeting New Sisters

The BEST part about Adelphean Compass was getting to connect with sisters from across the country! Even though we all come from different states and countries, we are all bonded through mutual values and a love of Alpha Delta Pi.

Lack of Sleep

Lack of Sleep

When you are meeting so many genuine and sweet sisters, it can get easy to stay up way too late chatting with your roomie. Between sharing stories and ideas, there’s no way you can get enough sleep during the weekend, but it is so worth it! Just plan on sleeping the whole way home.

We’re All in This Together

We are all in this together

Sisterhood means that no matter what happens, you will always have someone on your side and in your corner. It can sometimes be scary to start a new role, but knowing that these women will be by my side through the thick and thin. They are truly living for me, and I can’t wait to live for them and support them as well!

The Growth


It’s crazy to think that Adelphean Compass was only a little over 48 hours because it feels like we have been together for weeks! The amount of purposeful and impactful programming that was packed into the weekend is incredible. Each session focused on a different aspect of leadership and each one allowed me to grow and develop skills that I will be able to use over the next year and beyond.

Pure Girl Power

Girl Power

The future is female and if you don’t believe that, you clearly haven’t met the sisters of Alpha Delta Pi. From Grand Council to my fellow sister presidents, this weekend was all about empowering women and believing that we will change the world.

Belief in Myself

Belief in myself

Before coming to this weekend, it was easy to doubt my ability to lead a chapter of almost 200 women. Now, I am stronger because of this experience and I am ready and confident to take on this new leadership role in my chapter.

Time to Go Back Home

Time to go back home

As amazing as this weekend has been, I am thrilled to be able to share this information with my chapter sisters to empower and inspire them as well! As 100+ Alpha Delta Pi women leave Dallas, the lessons and memories will stay with us forever!


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